Another interesting idea on the remix side is that in most cultural fields we have a clear separation between libraries  designed to be sampled: photos, videos, graphic backgrounds, typos, music, software libraries with the possibility to be reworked and remix by everyone.

The possibility of taking a sample, manipulate it and use it with personal, commercial or any other aims and embrace it as own or as part of us is amazing. Everyone has their own remixed pieces, music playlist? collection of images of dogs? new picture for background? A typography transformed for your DJ logo?


Time and narrative forms

The narrative techniques and styles evolve through time, and I could that the velocity on how we obtain information in the present (like google search) is training our brains to acquire information, fast, and our capabilities to make a whole out of parts allow us to retrieve information without mattering the historical or time order of it.

Also, it has become a style, and for some stories, it creates more drama, anxiety and attention.

I used to do some VJing back in Mexico, and unlike some VJs who just “mix” the actual official videos of songs, or just put flashes and girls dancing, I like to tell stories in it… history of pyramids, traditions, metaphysics, nature phenomena are just a few examples of what I like to show, and the possibility of the mind of absorbing information in non structured way and “fast” has being letting me share it with audience, or at least that is what I think.

Is nice to see and experience through the time more and more nice use of this kind of storytelling in movies and art pieces, it is like jumping into someone else mind and decode it or showing your mind as it flows in your head, (sometimes we think so fast and have already made connections for information that we don’t need to organize it in order to access to it.