Layered sounds

Lord of the rings

We had a quick jump into the effects, music and grouping of the sound in one of Lord of the Rings movie. The layer option for sound arrangement creates a huge space able to work with, if it is used correctly it can create a new dimension, but if you are not the best at it it is kind of scary that you overuse sounds and layers and just create a mess. I hope me and my team can sort it out in the project…



There Will Be Blood

My partners decided to work on the movie “There Will be Blood” because I had the idea of the Clip for the Major Project and it was their ‘time”. At first, I was not very happy, I remembered just a bit of the movie and didn’t make me much sense.

When I re watched the movie with analytic and critic ears and also when I read about it, I discovered how deep was the meaning behind the sound; sometimes as audience we don’t identify and understand the “movie”, I can say, in the past my lack of knowledge and interest in the sound made me understand less the point and feelings of the movie. From now on, I am thankful to Sound Design lecture to have changed the way I experience a movie (media in general).

Examples of dimensions. Homer 3D


We all are used to watch The Simpsons with a certain sound style, and when it changes (even when they decide to add a musical) we audience, fans, leave it as a “special”

Well, going back to sound I just wanted to point out that I enjoyed watching and being able to critically hear this episode and appreciate the sound design in it, who would have said?


The plain flat world… no reverb, dry sound, clear

Transition …Reverb in voice , gets louder as it goes

3D black hole, windy, reverb max, large space, sfxs

Real world TV sound like space