In animation synchronized sounds are the beginning are not perfect, rough sounds, imitation and exaggeration in “fake” and comic sound.

When creating animation, importance and capabilities of sound, change the content of the animations (with music in it) and it seems obvious the creativity comes in hand with technology and consistency in the creation of sound.
The intention of the animation also takes an important place in the creation/selection of sounds.
“There is not a conflict in listening and watching the animation at the same time” even nowadays… our mind is used to make connections with image, sounds. Even if we realize the asyncronicity but we understand the sounds.

With the unicorn scene… once again the sound takes a huge variable in how the animation flows. I guess in 1940’s time the animation was done first and the music was adjusted, or the opposite?
Fantasia is a good example of how the sound can run the show. The evolution of animation are hand in hand with the possibilities of sound. Disney focused in the exploration and exploration of sound, so then Fantasia became a music show idea and from there the animation was born.

Even in the situation the image is first (visual) I’m sure a drawer/animator already has the idea of what type of music was going to be played with the story. Or the director…


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