Sound in Web Art

I was very impressed when the work of Arcangel Constantini showed up at class. I was like “I have seen it before”… quite a lot of times. I must accept that I never took much attention in the past, maybe because I’m not a big fan of animation or I hadn’t take the time to judge it in other context.

But now, talking about interaction and sound, it is interesting.  Most of his work floats in the interaction between visuals and sounds; simple flash animation and archaic web design merges and comes up with electronic sound help.

Arcangel is a mexican web/electronic/visual artist that tends to work with the combination of analog and digital worlds. For example, in “” we find a web page with different infections, the main (works with sound) is Infektados.

This animation comes from, as he describes, the use of a code like a line and a dot are, from the inner subconscious and through the coding/drawing process he animates these entities (bacterias) and plant them in the Web, so  when we, users, interact with them, we are being “infected”, by both, naturally by the entity that comes out of his brain and hand, but also by this medium that is the digital world.

A good interaction design comes with the success of the piece. Imagine if it didn’t have sound; the experience wouldn’t be the same,so the infection, or our interest in keep experimenting with the animation,  wouldn’t be that interesting.


Here the link—->

PS. one correction, some of his work is supported by musicians and other electronic artists in terms of sound.







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