Gravity by Alfonso Cuaron

It’s about great sound and visual effects!

I decided to go and watch Gravity last weekend; it was satisfactory in terms of visuals and sounds. But it is kind of strange being aware of what is actually happening in space. It definitively reminds you at some points, that you are watching a movie … We are too used to hear unrealistic and exaggerated sounds that, at least in my case, when I don’t I feel like I’m missing something.

I guess is about balance between visuals and sounds; and I am not meaning it is lacking in Gravity, sure there is balance , and realism, but who of us has been in space to feel it usual and real? Scientists, astronauts and kind of people know it or experienced it and talk about it, but in my very own experience, I don’t recognize it.

Going deeper on to the sound subject, I did further research on the movie. There are many comments on sound made by the director and (all=ologist in Gravity) Alfonso Cuaron. Most of them were that him and Re-recording Mixer Skip Lievsay used science and facts to create a vast space environment. Though is not 100% real, I must accept that in some points of the movie the use of silence creates an emptiness feeling that invite us spectators to interact (in our imaginations or even shout).

On one hand we have the transducer recordings for vibrations more than sounds; we have a sound that is more interactive; we can watch massive explosions that take place behind our characters in absolute silence till they crash on to the characters. On another hand, sound is geographically literal, sound is panned according of how characters perceive sound; we feel it more real, and in chaotic scenes, we feel the disoriented effect, chaos.

The surround mix was first, then the Atmos; they explain it is an awesome system to float around the sound, sounds became objects to work with in 3D, interesting… I wish I can try it soon.


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