by Susana Alarcon


I just loved the topic! It is so natural to recognize a leitmotif once you hear a piece critically and it is so impressive that they become such a powerful tool to make a point, bring emotions or characters and situations to scene, with nothing more than sound!

Better: the sound doesn’t stay in the movie teather, or in the DVD, or the .mov file, if it is strong enough it stays with the audience forever. It can become a “meaning” in the real world, in the real tradition.

Something to remember that I took out of Wikipedia basic Leitmotif definition and that I think gives a complete picture of it and how it works and lives in a movie, song, even literature:

The Leitmotif is a recurring figure,  “the smallest structural unit possessing thematic identity.”and it can be”clearly identified so as to retain its identity if modified on subsequent appearances, whether such modification be in terms of rhythm, harmony, orchestration or accompaniment.


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