We are used to expect more than reality

by Susana Alarcon


I will use a not very good example to make my point, but, I kind of new it and had thought about it with fight scenes.

I used to attend to box in my country (Mexico) and hmm, yes, you can hear the punch if you are close enough, but of course that the sound, its qualities and amplification, have nothing to do of what we see and expect in a movie.

Oh other example, UFC ! Now they have microphones really close to the action and I’m sure they are super amplified to be transmitted so the audience can hear the punch. But still, not as “punchy” as in movies.

In movies, we expect a fake amplified reality, is that cinema and sound evolution’s fault? What will happen with our reality if we keep expecting more and more immersion in an exaggerated reality, will it become boring?




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