Hitchcock and Psyco

by Susana Alarcon

Though I know now that Hitchcock didn’t want a score in the shower scene and the sound team (ok, more because Bernard Herman) anyway put a selection of horror style strings composition, and, it worked out awesome. I think the outcome of Mr. Hitchcock’s idea description could had worked as well… let’s read:

We should hear water gurgling down the drain of the bathtub, especially when we go closer it… during the murder, the sound of the shower should be continuous and monotonous, only broken by the screams of Marion.”

I think I still think in the power of our mind and the idea of creating tension with real and hyper real sounds, force reality and let our imagination work.

Other point:

I think that for sure, the good implementation of the sounds in Hitchcock’s movies has a lot to do with his descriptions of sounds and feeling, after all he was the mind creating the world. As he said, ‘To describe a sound effect accurately, one has to imagine its equivalent in dialogue.’


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